May 6, 2014

EOC 2014 - short look back

European Word Championships were held this year 10th - 16th April in Palmela, Portugal.
Due to tough schedule decided to focus on two (out of three) distances - middle and long.

Further you can see maps with my routes and a commentary for each race.

Middle qualification

Two rather stupid mistakes caused that my qualification was not as smooth as I expected. (But it hadn't meant anything in the end as the whole race was voided due to some wrongly set controls and a problem with the map in one place. So all runners who started in the qualification were then allowed to run in the final.)

The race started quite well for me and I felt confident in the contours. (tack Räkan)
First stupid mistake came to control no.4. I switched my thinking and started mapping already to the no.5. Took me some time to realize, fortunately I could come out of this mistake rather fast. The next thing was not to get stressed and keep the head cool. Which I managed till control no.8. While seeing the control flag from far distance I was ignoring map and also my compass. And while thinking about kind of stupidity of this control, I was the only one being stupid there as I was running towards the control which turned out not to be mine.

Long qualification

My tactic to this race was to try to avoid all green bushes that were  in    90 % of cases incrossable. To control no.11 I wasn't so  precise in the very first part of the leg which meant that instead of to the yellow part I came already above the green rose bushes. I countinued to run following a small path while trying to see any possible passage through. I was naïve. My performance was yet enough to qualify safely.

Middle final

I was really looking forward to this race. The terrain promised really fast race and there was almost nothing else on the map but contours. I believed in my speed as well as in my contour reading skills. But unfortunately things went bad. And I delivered a performance that I feel really ashamed of.

My legs were perfect, physically I was prepared really well. But again I destroyed any chance for a good result with my head. I did many big mistakes. Running fast not using my brain.

When I took the broader look on this race I had to admit that I was probably overmotivated. I was not able to indetify and solve this before the race.

Long final

In spite of the former problems with this course on the organizers' side. The final course that was prepared for us was really nice. Still a lot of fast running due to the character of the terrain. Although I made some mistakes and my legs were definitely not fresh after the middle final, I managed to deliver performance that led to 25th place.


The okej run from my side but I felt quite tired in legs. Running the second leg for the second team.

Unfortunately we lost bigger chances to a good result on the first leg.

 To sum it up simply, I was hoping for more.

BIG CONGRATULATIONS to all the team mates who delivered amazing performances and took great results!

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