Mar 24, 2014

Stony Slovenia

In the middle of march I attended a TC with the Czech national team in Slovenia. It was a week
of good quality training in challenging terrains and also some nice sprint training in the cities
of Izola, Koper and Vipava.

Three stages of the competition Lipica Open 2014 were also part of the camp. Really stony
and demanding terrains but amazing experience, I have to say. We ran a few trainings, as well
as those three stages of the competition, together with runners from the Norwegian team which
was beneficial in the sense that we had more data to analyze afterwards and it was a good comparision, although quite early in the spring. 

more maps, results and analysis here
/ mapy, výsledky, rozbory a české komentáře na webu Reprezentace

link to Lipica Open results

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