May 16, 2014

TC Italy

In one word, last days were hectic! All the travelling back and forth, finishing and handing in my thesis, writing school essay in a PR time, moving to a new appartment,.. It all resulted in a catastrophic performance on Czech champs on sprint, luckily I was still fast enough to take 6th-7th place. Try to run when you feel like your brain refuses to perceive any further stimulus.

So training camp in Italy came a bit like a salvation. Beautiful landscape, challenging terrains. Days consisting of training, eating and sleeping, while enjoying the feeling of being in the mountains, priceless!

We came to Italy on 8th May with the Czech team to prepare for this year's WOC. We cooperated on some trainings with the teams of Sweden, Norway and Poland, plus Thierry Gueorgiou joined some trainings as well. It was much more fun to run with all the people and good possibility to compare our performances.

Here you can find detailed summary of trainings with maps and results (in czech)

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