May 6, 2014

10Mila, Eksjö 2014

Great event and experience as always!
Tack allihop!

This year I moved from running the first leg (as I was used to for past two years on both 10Mila and Venla-Jukola) to running the last one. It was quite a change but I was really looking forward to fight the last 9,2 km for the team.

Unfortunately, we got bad luck this year and things weren't going as we had expected. Our first leg runner Frida twisted her ankle quite badly in the begining of the leg, but she was tough! She fought till the finishline. Then it was on us. I think we all did a good job. And we were climbing up taking up the places. We finished 39th.

My performance could have been better. I'm upset about the mistake I made to no.5 and then no.7 (while I got a  bit stressed from the previous one). Otherwise I really enjoyed it! 

Following the mens relay during the night was fun as well. Boys were running really good on each leg and I was so happy to cheer for them as they were finishing on the 3rd place!

by Urban Larsson

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