Mar 18, 2014

Climbing to new heights

The O-season starts quite early this year which is also the reason why I'd attended two map TCs already. That, I have to say, were both of top quality. And I hope they helped me to finish this another step onto the next level in my orienteering skills, the step that I'd been trying to make for so long without achieving it. So let's see if I managed to make a proper and stable step forward and what will it brig this new season.

TC in Alicante, Spain

  • A week spent on the maps near Alicante. Some terrains were especially challenging.
  • Great trainings with the team-mates from SNO
  • Interesting presentations from Jonas Leandersson and Scott Fraser as well as from the cyclist Bernt Johansson, winner of the olympic gold in Montreal
  • thanks to SNO and Performance By Health


TC with the Czech team in Slovenia
  • a week in karst terrains in south-west part of Slovenia
  • stony challenging terrains; nice sprint trainings
  • more reading on this camp will come..

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